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The Sensational Art of a Turkey Merck

I’m fortunate enough to be able to call Kevin Merck a friend. I wish I were also fortunate enough to share the incredible natural sculpting gift that he possesses! These days, however, Kevin is more frequently known as his business persona, “Turkey Merck.” Turkey Merck is not only a catchy and intriguing brand name, but …

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Visit the Center for Puppetry Arts

Introduction Whenever you grew up, whether it be the 1970’s, 1980’s, 90’s or naughties, no doubt, you were aware of a program called Sesame Street. It’s been a staple in early childhood education for 50 years, which is no meant feat. In a way, the city of Atlanta’s Center for Puppetry Arts feels like the …

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Beauty Musings

2020 Beauty Advent Calendars Selling Like Hotcakes!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s November. And what does that mean for the consumer goddess within us all? It’s time to race out (or onto your computer) and nab your beloved 2020 Beauty Advent Calendar for your favorite brand before they are all gone into thin air. Yes, quicker than I …

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A Simple Approach to Carry On Luggage Essentials

Although it’s been more than a minute since I flew somewhere, anywhere, whether for work or leisure, I always follow this little pre-flight routine. Packing my carry on luggage essentials. There is an ever-changing, growing, evolving list of items that I must have with me at all times on my flight. Whether it’s a long …

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The Dark Side of the Beauty Industry

How One Makeup Artist Transformed Her Beauty Career. The Result – Empowering Other Women. Makeup artist and beauty blogger turned psychology student Kayla discusses just how rewarding it feels to empower women. Combining her former profession in the beauty industry with her new endeavors in psychology gives her a unique perspective to help women grow, …