What Is Acetone?

According to Merriam Webster, acetone is a volatile, fragrant liquid ketone C3H6O used chiefly as a solvent and in organic synthesis and found in abnormal quantities in diabetic urine.

Acetone is frequently used in nail polish removers and formulations. It can also be found in cleansing products, hair care and skin care products, fragrance and bath products.

Key Takeaways

  • acetone is a colorless solvent
  • is highly flammable
  • should be used with care

Understanding Acetone

Use of acetone in beauty products, particularly nail polish and nail polish removers, is widely known. Acetone’s importance in industrial fields is also vital to the production of plastics.

What few of us know is that acetone occurs naturally in some plants.

It is also a by-product of breaking down fats in the body.


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