Double Cleansing

What Is Double Cleansing?

Double Cleansing is the act of cleansing your face twice. Generally, this act involves the cleansing process to occur with two different cleanser types – first, the oil-based cleanser, and second, a water-based cleanser.

Key Takeaways

  • double cleansing is a thorough way of ensuring that your skin is cleaned
  • it is important to know that works for one person may not be the same for the next person.
  • as with all skincare, it is vital not to overdo it. Over-stimulation of the skin cells from too many products and too frequent cleaning it can lead to over-production of oil, and in turn, excess acne or other skin issues. SO take the time to get to know your skin, and learn how much is enough.

Understanding Double Cleansing

Generally the first part of the process (using and oil-based cleanser) is to remove makeup and sunscreen from the skin. The second step with a water-based cleanser will cleanse and remove impurities, dirt and sweat from your skin.

It is believed to have originated from geishas who would follow an oil-based makeup remover with a cream cleanser to help remove their heavy makeup. Double cleansing is also readily part of a complex up to 10-step beauty regime in Korean and Japanese skincare.

Depending on your skin type and main concerns, various different types of cleansers may work for your double cleansing routine.

Some people prefer to opt for a light micellar water in place of a heavy oil-based cleansing balm as their first step. This product will still be efficient at removing makeup, and allow you to cleanse with your cream or gel-based cleansing product for your second cleanse.

It really is up to the individual.



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