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What is Emulsion?

The basic definition of emulsion is the mixture of two (or more) liquids that don’t thoroughly combine or blend well. When this occurs, the result is tiny droplets of one substance being suspended in the other without dissolving. This combination happens because of the addition of a material called an “emulsifier” that prevents them from separating.

Key Takeaways

    • a stable blend of liquids that generally don’t mix well is how we define emulsion

    • emulsion is when tiny droplets of one liquid are suspended in a second liquid and held together by an emulsifier.

    • they are commonly used in cosmetic products and can be found in skincare, makeup, and even hair products

Understanding Emulsion

An emulsion may look like one liquid, but its composition is of particles from one liquid suspended throughout another and held together by an emulsifier. In reality, the two liquids aren’t entirely combined.

Emulsions are commonly occurring components of cosmetic products. Since they are usually water-based, the process can result in materials that are lighter, hydrating, non-comedogenic, and easily absorbed into the skin.

In skincare, for example, the presence of an emulsion can allow a product to reap the benefits of moisturizing substances like oils, waxes, and petrolatum without the heavy/greasy feeling. Most lotions and creams are, in fact, emulsions!





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