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Best Makeup for Melasma – My Top 34 Makeup Picks for a Flawless Face

Let’s face it. Most makeup users rely on foundation and/or concealers at some stages of their lives. We all seem to find imperfections in our skin. The things that we like to cover and camouflage on our faces. One of those things we fear the most may be the dreaded melasma. Those freckly, pesky and …

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Jordane Tattoo Cover Palette – A Step-by-Step Guide to Covering Tattoos Quickly

One of the makeup techniques performed more often than anything else on film and tv sets is undoubtedly covering tattoos. Sometimes a movie or series can be set in a different time period. Perhaps the performer’s tattoos are too modern or not in the style of the era portrayed. Or, copyright issues and the intellectual …

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CeraVe Vs Cetaphil Moisturizer – What’s Best for Your Skin? (2022)

Two incredibly similar brands. With eerily similar packaging. Two company names that start with the same letter. Even their websites look like the same designer created them! But let’s go deeper to look at the moisturizers that both of these companies produce to find out if one really outweighs the other. Do you prefer CeraVe …

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The Colorescience Mineral Corrector Palette

I like to think of this product as the palette that should be a staple in every professional makeup artist’s kit. I’m not kidding. The one-of-a-kind Colorescience Mineral Corrector Palette is a reliable workhorse that I can’t say enough good things about. And it’s always in my kit. So, let’s find out why! I remember …

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I Tried The Ordinary Concealer For A Week and Here’s My Thoughts (Product Review)

I have been using The Ordinary Concealer for a week now. Admittedly, I only discovered this was a thing right before the product launch in January of this year. Needless to say, I was compelled to jump straight on the Ordinary bandwagon. I bought a handful of colors within my color range. My curiosity was …

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The Beautiful Sonia Roselli Japanese Cleansing Oil

In my series of blog posts, here’s my next review (and subsequent labors of love) of Sonia Roselli’s perfect and perfectly petite skin prep line. Today let’s look at the gorgeous Sonia Roselli Japanese Cleansing Oil. I hear the groans. Especially from the back row, those who err on the oily side. And yes, you …

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Thomas Kuebler: The Man and Mind Behind the Curiosities

There’s a good chance you may have seen one of Tom’s works online somewhere. Taken a quick double-take at the eccentric character on your screen and continued with your day. Yes, the chances are, you saw an unusual-looking character and thought nothing more of it. Except for the fact that it wasn’t a person at …